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If you live or stay in Austria, you can call to foreign countries at extra cheap rates. Up to 90% cheaper than other Austrian Telecompanies.

Here's how it works:
First look up the country in the listing and call the 0900-number. When you get connected, press the phone-number you want to call, followed by the hash-key (#). Our computer puts you through immediately.

For instance, calls to the USA:
First you dial the 0900 number (e.g. 0810 255 255 for USA), then the countrycode (001), then you dial the number of the person you wish to call (202-456 1414) WITHOUT AN 0.
You can call right away, on any phone. No subscription needed, no extra fees.

New!: Low cost (international) phonecalls for UK residents
If you LIVE in the UK, click here!

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Ich kenne einen billigeren Anbieter!

Sie sind echt viel billiger als andere Call by Call-Anbieter! Ich habe Ihre Tarife überprüft auf www.teltarif.at Die Unterschiede sind erheblich!
Elisabeth Klüge, Wien


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